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May Day Weekend gig alerts!

Gadarene and Dipper Malkin

Two great London gigs a stone’s throw from Kings Cross, with Fiddletails-featured musicians as you’ve probably never seen them before!



Kings Place, Friday 29 April, 10-11.15 pm

Info and tickets here  (Note late performance times – but Kings Place is only a short walk from Kings Cross tube.)

Fiddler Laurel Swift clogs and swings double bass in this extraordinary band playing ‘ultra-modern ancient music that’s wild enough to dance to! Gadarene transform obscure English 18th and 19th-century tunes with arrangements drawing on styles from funk and reggae to electronic and trance. With clogs and drums, mandolin, double bass, fiddle and flute, the band celebrate the release of their new CD’.

Audio showreel:

Gadarene:  website

(Laurel Swift previously featured in posts Ben & Laurel 28 May 2015, and Idbury Hill audio teaching track 22 Aug 2015)


Dipper Malkin

The Harrison, Sunday 1 May, 8-11 pm

Info and tickets here

Fiddler/viola d’amore player John Dipper joins forces with guitarist/singer Dave Malkin in a subtle and intriguing new duo.

Promotional video:

Dipper MalkinFacebook

(John Dipper previously featured in Oss 18 Sept 2015)


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When At War on the Ocean


It’s one of those weeks when you can step up to the plate and learn a set of tunes, or just kick back and focus on one. Or of course just kick back…

Oss is an English trio playing English regional ‘gems and forgotten songs’ unearthed from manuscripts. The featured tune is John Dipper’s reworking of a traditional English tune, played second in a surprising set with the lovely ‘Dance’ from Purcell’s 1688 opera Dido and Æneas.

(Worlds collide for me this week — I sang chorus in this opera at school!)



John Dipper (viola d’amore), Nick Hart (duet concertina, voice), Tom Moore (violin)

(When At War: 3:20)



The self-titled EP is available from the Oss website.  You can also follow them on Facebook.



oss playing

Catch Oss live at Camden’s Green Note, MONDAY 21 SEPTEMBER




These guys really get around – here are just a few of their individual musical projects:


Nick Hart: melodeon and concertina player, multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire, maker of beautiful bones.

Plays with many collaborations, including the Ceilidh Liberation Front, and for the Belles of London City Morris.

Co-hosts and teaches at East London’s great Trad Academy. (Look out for his amazing bones workshops, and read the fascinating esoteric notes on his handmade bones in his online shop!)


John Dipper: English Acoustic Collective and multiple projects/collaborations, including:

WORKSHOP ALERT! Acoustic Creativity and Exploration Workshop Days with Emily Askew: Guildford 11 October, Bristol 29 November.

2015 EFDSS Creative Artist Residency with guitarist Dave Malkin and dancers Hat Vail and Helen Penn.

Alma, with fiddlers Emily Askew and Nicola Lyons, and guitarist Adrian Lever.

And not forgetting… The Hobbit soundtrack. (See John’s website above for other projects.)


Tom Moore: False Lights, with Sam Carter, Nick Cooke, Jim Moray, Sam Nadel, Jon Thorne.

GIG ALERT! False Lights at the London Folk & Roots Festival, 30 October,  Sebright Arms.

Moore Moss Rutter, with Archie Churchill-Moss and Jack Rutter.

Duo with Nick Hart.


Phew! Great music played by great guys!

Don’t forget – they’re live at Camden’s GREEN NOTE, MONDAY 21 SEPTEMBER!



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