Summer update, July 2017

Hello, Fiddletailers! I owe you an apology for not having posted any tunes for a while.

My 2017 has been a fascinating, difficult and demanding year so far. Fascinating, because I’m working on the final edits of the first book in my Middle Grade fantasy-adventure series. Demanding, because I’m recovering from some physical ‘scaffolding’ problems which mean I can’t sit for long periods at my desk, or get to sessions, classes and gigs easily. Difficult, because I’ve not been fiddling as much as usual owing to a left-hand problem. But It Shall Be Sorted ‒ I miss my fiddle and tunes and fiddle-friends so much!

Now I can see my way a little clearer, I’m looking forward to posting up more wonderful tunes. Do share if you like them – it’s lovely to hear from you all. And watch this space for news of my new writing-based website/blog currently in the pipeline.

Happy music-making, everyone!


26 July 2015: Home again!

Back happy and fiddle-fingered from the wonderful English Acoustic Collective Summer School – absolutely brilliant course in a beautiful Gloucestershire valley. Grateful thanks to generous (and patient!) tutors Miranda Rutter, Sam Sweeney, Rob Harbron and John Dipper, and to all my friendly, talented companions-in-tunes for those fab five wet, wild, and wonderfully woolly days. (Quote of the week from Sam Sweeney: ‘My fiddle is full of fog!’) Hope to see you all around in sessions/gigs before too long!


Weekend Folk Retreats with Laurel Swift

An exciting new venture from fiddler Laurel Swift (if you don’t already know her playing, see  28 May post ‘Whitefriars Hornpipe’).

Laurel retreats

Get away and absorb yourself in a relaxing folk music retreat. Hone your folk style and skills, build musical confidence and jam informally whilst surrounded by beautiful countryside and lovely people. Two unique weekends of inspiring classes, homecooked food, informal sessions and country walks!

Folk Fiddle Retreat

4th – 6th September 2015
Stour Valley, Brantham, Suffolk/Essex border

A small and friendly weekend away for fiddle players (violin, viola and cello players new to folk music all very welcome), plus walks along the beautiful Stour Estuary.

Full details:


Folk Music Retreat

30th October – 1st November 2015
Telscombe, East Sussex

A dynamic yet relaxing weekend away for players of all instruments, plus walks on the South Downs with views of the sea!

Full details:

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