Horserace Rapids




Red Tail Ring fiddler Laurel Premo wrote this beautiful tune about a stretch of the Paint River at Crystal Falls,  Michigan. The Michigander duo play it here in a set with 19th century traditional American tune Rueben (Rueben’s Train).


Red Tail Ring

Laurel Premo (fiddle), Michael Beauchamp (guitar)

Video from a performance at the Ark in Ann Arbor, Michigan, June 2014


(‘Red Tail Ring – Horserace Rapids/Ruebin’ YouTube video, 5.40. Posted by Red Tail Ring, 3 Nov 2014.


Red Tail Ring: find videos, gigs, tour dates, and downloads of their great CDs on their website

Photograph (unattributed) of Horserace Rapids via Rachel Rushlow, Pinterest


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