The Miller of Perth

Boldwood play mainly forgotten tunes from 18th century England, painstakingly researched and liberated from lost manuscripts and the extraordinary (to us) phenomenon of dance fans. This 3/2 hornpipe was discovered by Becky Price in an unpublished handwritten manuscript in the British Library.



Becky Price (accordion), Miranda Rutter (fiddle, viola), Matthew Coatsworth (fiddle, viola)


(From Boldwood’s 2012 unreleased second album Mudlarking, available on Soundcloud here.)


Boldwood-Dancing-Master-front-cover-300x210The dots for The Miller of Perth are published in The Boldwood Dancing Master, available from the Boldwood website – along with a brilliant new CD – and also on  Matthew Coatsworth’s fascinating website ‘English and French Music: an online manuscript’.

For more information and another great Boldwood tune, see Fiddletails post Jackson’s Shaving Brush (June 2015).




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2 responses to “The Miller of Perth

  1. Alasdair Paton

    Absolutely love this tune (and their previous tune, Jackson’s Shaving Brush, too). Why did they not release the album? But I see they are recording another one in Sep. 2015!


    • So glad you like the tunes, Alasdair – and I agree: can’t wait for Boldwood’s next album. (Watch this space…!) Have you got their tunes book, The Boldwood Dancing Master? It’s a real treat.


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