A lovely variation on an old-time/bluegrass sessions favourite. I’ll be posting up the standard version later in the year – but in the meantime, caveat musicus: DANGER – this is the OTHER version!


Annie Staninec (fiddle), Luke Abbott (viola)

Annie is a major west-coast bluegrass and old-time fiddler, solo and with a number of bands. Luke sings and plays old-time and bluegrass on ‘a bunch of stringed instruments’ and is part of the brilliant Toneway Project that teaches music by ear online.

(‘Roscoe [fiddle and viola]’ YouTube video, 2:45. Posted by The Abbott Family on YouTube, 12 Aug 2010.

Both Annie and Luke have great websites with detailed information on gigs, projects and teaching:




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2 responses to “Roscoe

  1. Maggie Cole

    Once again – a great post! I am so impressed by all that goes into making this very fun, informative, classy site. xxMag


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