Sadie at the Back Door

The second of the crooked tunes I promised last week is a delightful, fairly recent American oldtime tune. Expect the unexpected in the B part!


Canote Brothers

Twin brothers Greg (fiddle) and Jere (guitar/banjo/melodeon) are renowned for their off-the-beaten-track tunes, traditional and modern. This quirky tune, composed by Jere, was inspired by a cat who would always go out by the front door, but would only ever come in through the back.

Greg Canote (fiddle), Jere Canote (guitar), Adam Hurt (banjo), Cathy Barton (banjo), Dave Para (guitar)

A clip from a jam/teaching session at American Banjo Camp 2009, held at Fort Flagler, Washington state.

(‘A Jam/Class at American Banjo Camp, 2009’ YouTube video, 1:11. Posted by Peter Langston, 30 Sep 2009.


Greg Canote (fiddle), Jere Canote (guitar), Candy Goldman (banjo)

Slower teaching audio file of the Canotes and Candy Goldman playing, made for their Seattle stringband class. (Greg’s fiddle is tuned ADAE. If you must, you can get away with standard tuning – but then you’ll miss that great cross-tuned ring from the sympathetic low A…)




For more about the Canote Brothers, including albums, gigs, and the Seattle stringband class, see their website:

For more tunes taught at the Seattle class, see Maya Whitmont’s astonishing archive of audio files and banjo tabs at:

For (even!) more great tunes, see Peter Langston’s American Banjo Camp and other music videos on his YouTube channel:

American Banjo Camp 2015 – 11-13 September at beautiful Fort Flagler, WA – is “not just for banjos anymore! We also feature a FIDDLE track as well as GUITAR, BASS, MANDOLIN, and JAMMING classes!” Sign up for 87 classes, 23 scheduled jams, 2 concerts, 6 meals, 2 late-night snacks, and 2 optional sleep periods. And all over one stonking weekend (note the “optional”!). Here’s the link:




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