The Valiant

Three different takes on the glorious 48-bar jig composed by Simon Ritchie.

Nick Hart and Tom Moore

Nick (duet concertina) and Tom (fiddle) recorded this haunting rendering on their 2014 self-titled CD.

Mary Humphreys and Anahata

Played at breezy dance speed on English concertina and Oakwood melodeon, in a set with The Alexander (by William Clarke of Feltwell – see Mary’s fascinating notes at:

Simon Ritchie (composer)

Simon and His So-Called Band recorded the original barnstorming version on their 1998 album Melodion Mania. I hope to post up a Spotify link here soon, but in the meantime you can hear the track on Spotify, and download it from Amazon. 51tcHC0EplL._SL500_AA280_

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